Our Services


Confused about which career to choose?

We, here at Paramus Education guide you through maze of questions and help you choose the best path suited to your requirements.

University Selection

Each student has a dream university in mind. We try to bring the real picture before you and help you shortlist universities that match your preferences and ambitions.

Visa Services

A visit to a visa centre may seem like a daunting prospect, but our experienced team here helps overcome these fears. Applying for a student visa requires a clear and experienced insight particularly when it comes to first-time travellers.

Pre-Departure Guide

Appropriate guidance is needed to help you migrate, travel & settle abroad, prior to landing in the new country of your choice. As a part of PE’s many responsibilities towards you, we make your preparations before you depart.

Travel Assistance

After securing visa and pre-departure, it is time to make travel arrangements to the destined location. At Paramus, we have tie-ups with travel agencies in India which will offer you to choose from most favourable airline services, at most beneficial rates.

Post Arrival Services

We work with you on your budgets and help you secure financial aid in the form of private loans, or by approaching funding organisations. Due to very limited availability of grants and scholarships on tuition fees only, students are encouraged to seek other funding sources to support their education.